Capillary thermostats

In the “world” of thermoregulation, capillary thermostats are indispensable components for controlling and regulating the heating and / or cooling of metal bodies and liquid and gaseous fluids. The capillary thermostats are divided into the following types of products: adjustable thermostats and safety thermostats (with manual reset). The manual reset thermostats can be equipped with the positive safety system. The positive safety system allows the “scans” of the power supplies of the components connected to the capillary thermostats in the event of breakdown of the same thermostats. The capillary thermostats processed by the company S & RIND Srl are those under the FIRT-PRODIGY and T&P brands. These thermostats have excellent mechanical and precision qualities and are suitable for all types of control and regulation, even when the working conditions are “heavy”. The range for adjusting and limiting temperatures ranges from -35 ° C to + 350 ° C.