Electric motors and shielded poles


The electric motors processed by the company S & amp; RIND Srl are components that have excellent mechanical and electrical qualities, suitable for the ventilation technique of gaseous fluids inside heating systems, equipment or equipment and / or cooling, even when the working conditions are “severe”. Said electric motors consist of the aluminum containment boxes, the fixing elements, the reed packs of the electric windings (rotor and stator) and the shafts. The containment boxes are composed of two “half-shells” obtained from aluminum die-casting processes. The fastening elements are composed of threaded holes obtained in the aluminum containment box and / or threaded rods also inserted in the aforementioned containment box. The reed packs consist of groups of reeds to which the electrical windings are wound; the cables of the electrical windings can be made of copper or aluminum. The shafts are made of carbon steel and have a threaded end. The “shells” of the containment boxes, the fastening elements, the lamellar packs of the electric windings and the shafts are assembled with modern and assembly systems. These assemblies are obtained thanks to the use of automatic machines, equipment and systems. The use of “precious” metal alloys such as copper, the use of innovative machines, equipment and systems for the assembly of components, combined with the adoption of the most modern equipment for testing the product, guarantees the manufacture of products with high performance and a high level of quality and reliability.
Tutte le tipologie di motori elettrici sono standardizzate e, a richiesta possono essere realizzati secondo le specifiche richieste del cliente.

Electric motors can be supplied with relative accessories (fans, brackets).