Legal notices


The supplies of S & RIND s.r.l., hereinafter referred to as “Seller” are governed by the following General Sales Conditions. Any changes must be expressly agreed and approved in writing.

Estimates / offers expire 60 days after their formulation, unless otherwise indicated in the offer.

Orders will be accepted only in writing and confirmed through “Order Confirmation” which will report all the conditions of sale.

The prices indicated in the Order Confirmation cannot be changed.

The price indicated is net of any charges, such as, for example: tax charges, customs duties, transport costs, insurance, bank commissions; the list is illustrative and not exhaustive.

The Seller has the right to suspend further supplies in the event of non-payment on the agreed due date. Failure to pay entitles the immediate termination of the contract. In case of cancellation of the order by the Buyer, the amounts paid as advances and / or advances will not be returned; the Seller also reserves the right to request any further damages. Payments made to unauthorized persons are not recognized as valid. In application of the art. 26 of the D.P.R. 10/20/1972 No. 633 we do not recognize discounts and rounding not shown on the invoice.

The delivery terms indicated in the Order Confirmation are usually indicative and not essential. Delays on the expected delivery date do not authorize the buyer to cancel the order and to make any kind of compensation and / or request for damages.

Ex Works Seller (EXW Incoterms 2010). The delivery is considered completed with the provision of the goods at our warehouse in Settimo Milanese the transport costs are borne by the buyer who assumes, together with the carrier, all the risks in case of theft or damage during transport .

Any defects or discrepancies must be communicated to the Seller within the terms established by the Civil Code. The Seller will not accept any claim received after eight days from receipt of the goods. Complaints and disputes do not authorize the buyer to suspend payments. Before proceeding with the return, the buyer is obliged to inform the Seller and, having obtained the authorization, communicate all the details (product code, quantity, number and date of the delivery note) to the address .

The goods subject to the supply are guaranteed for one year from the date of delivery, provided they are used correctly and in accordance with the instructions of the Manufacturer. Instructions are included with each supply; in case of loss they will be immediately provided at the Customer’s simple request. The purchaser is obliged to carry out checks and controls suitable for the safe use of the products supplied by the Seller. The Seller can never be held responsible for damage to people or things (image damage, production downtime, lost earnings and any other economic damage not expressly listed here), caused by the use of the products sold. The Seller is not responsible for the transportation costs of defective products, as well as for the costs of reassembly and / or testing of the equipment, machines or systems that install the products recognized as defective during the warranty period. In no case will the Seller’s responsibility exceed the value of the products sold.

For anything not expressly stated, reference is made to the provisions of the Italian law on the matter of sale. For any dispute, the competent court is Milan.