Industrial washing is a technique by which, using special equipment, it is possible to wash an object before use or before a subsequent treatment. With the washing process, a material or a piece is cleaned and / or debased. The technique in question is generally used in the industrial sector for the treatment or finishing of the surfaces of objects previously worked mechanically or chemically and can be used both for small details and for large structures. As a first approximation, to execute a good washing process it is necessary to take into account five factors:

  • the type of material that makes up the object;
  • the size of the object;
  • the type of “dirt” to be removed from the object;
  • the time the item remains in the wash tank;
  • the disposition of the object in the washing tank. A good washing treatment gives the treated piece a “surgical” cleaning of the surfaces.

The industrial washing products treated by the company S & RIND Srl are avant-garde components, essential for the functioning of the washing systems and concern the problems related to heating, cleaning and control of the processes present in the plants themselves. The aforementioned components are divided into the following categories: armored electric heating elements, MAZURCZAK series Rotkappe electric heating elements, MAZURCZAK series metal heat exchanger plates, MAZURCZAK series level controls, MAZURCZAK series temperature probes, MARTIN series ultrasonic devices WALTER, FILTERFLO series filtering units.