Electroplating, is a technique through which it is possible to coat a material with a more noble metal layer. With the galvanic process an electrolytic deposition of material takes place on a piece. The technique in question is generally used for the protection against oxidation and / or corrosion of metal objects and can be used both for small objects and on large structures. Four elements are required to perform this electrochemical process:

  • The cathode, to which the objects to be covered must be “connected”;
  • The anode, or the noble metal with which one intends to cover the objects;
  • The galvanic bath;
  • The current generator. A good galvanic treatment gives the treated piece greater chemical and / or mechanical resistance.

The electroplating products processed by the company S & RIND Srl are avant-garde components, essential for the operation of galvanic plants and concern issues related to heating, cooling, filtration, washing, electrodeposition and process control in the same plants. These components are divided into the following categories: armored electric heaters, MAZURCZAK series Rotkappe electric heaters, MAZURCZAK series Teflon electric heaters, metal heat exchangers, heat exchangers and exchange plates in metal or plastic ( produced by MAZURCZAK and CALORPLAST), MAZURCZAK level controls (including MTS float, NS rods and KNS rods for contiuous level monitoring), MAZURCZAK temperature probes, HENDOR pumps and filtering units, FLUIMAC membrane pumps, FILTERFLO filtering units, metal recovery units by HENDOR, PLATING ELECTRONIC series of pulsed-current rectifiers and generators, MARTIN WALTER series ultrasonic devices, DRUSEIDT contacts,electrical connectors and electroplating accessories.