The thermoregulation is a technique through which, using special instruments, it is possible to regulate and / or monitor the temperature of liquid or gaseous fluids in environments or in industrial processes. Through thermoregulation, the environments, the systems, the equipment or the equipment have the possibility of stabilizing or working at the established temperature conditions, dispensing or receiving the necessary calories or frigories for the desired period. The advantages of this technology are many. First of all, for certain applications the thermoregulation allows a considerable saving of energy, eliminating waste and obtaining, consequently, an optimization of consumption and an economy of management costs; moreover, the aforementioned thermoregulation technology allows constant temperatures in the conditioning activities of the environments and in the manufacturing processes (production, conservation, etc.). Each temperature control system is tailor-made, based on the type of environment, the system, the equipment or the equipment. In addition to new fabrications or realizations, thermoregulation systems can also be applied to existing structures.

The thermoregulation products processed by the company S & RIND Srl are cutting-edge components, essential for regulating and / or monitoring temperature, and concern issues related to heating, cooling and the control of industrial environments and processes. The above components are divided into the following categories: FIRT-PRODIGY capillary thermostats, T&P series capillary thermostats, standard temperature probes, MAZURCZAK series temperature probes, thermoregulators, static relays and temperature control panels.