MTS Floating level controls by MAZURCZAK

Float level probes MTS MAZURCZAK series ☟



The MTS series MAZURCZAK floating level controls are suitable components for controlling the level of acid, alkaline and demineralized fluids. The aforementioned level controls are composed of the sliding elements (rods), the floats, the reed relay contacts, the electrical connection systems (terminal covers or connection cables) and the fixing systems. The relay reed contacts are inserted inside the sliding elements and the floating elements. The sliding elements are assembled to the electrical connection systems. MTS float level controls can have up to three contact points; all three relay reed contacts are exchange contacts. Furthermore, the float level controls can also be “associated” with the PT 100 temperature probes. The versions of the floating level controls associated with the MTSt temperature probes can only have one contact point (exchange point) plus a PT100 probe.

In operation, the sliding elements are passed by the floating elements.

The sliding elements and the floating elements can be made of the following materials:

  • stainless steel AISI 316 TI;
  • PP;
  • PVDF.

The sliding rods can be “coupled” to the fixing elements (threaded nipples, threaded bushes, flanges, etc.). The sliding rods and the fixing elements can be made of stainless steel, PP or PVDF and are “coupled” together with the welding systems (tig or polyfusion). The electrical connections can be provided inside a protection cover with IP 65 protection degree (LC or BC version) or with 1600mm PVC cables (PG execution).

The use of “valuable” materials such as PVDF, the use of innovative equipment for the manufacture of sliding elements and floating elements, the adoption of the most modern welding systems, combined with the use of the most modern equipment for the testing of the product, guarantees the manufacture of products with high performance and a high level of quality and reliability.

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