Heat exchangers by CALORPLAST


CALORPLAST series plastic heat exchangers and heat exchange panels are components that have a high index of heat exchange and chemical resistance and are suitable for heating and / or cooling liquid and gaseous acid fluids. In addition to heating and / or cooling fluids, the batteries of heat exchange panels are used as essential components in heat recovery systems. These exchangers are composed of heating elements (heat exchange panels) made both in single panels and in suitably connected batteries of heat exchange panels. For the batteries of heat exchange panels, suitable carpentries and plastic piping are provided. The products are executed in relation to the specific technical requirements of the systems in which they must be inserted. Heat exchangers and exchange panels can be made in the following materials:

  • PP,
  • PE,
  • PVDF,
  • PTFE teflon PFA.

All the plastic material excitations are very resistant to corrosion and are suitable for use in fluids, even highly acidic ones. The executions in PVDF and Teflon PFA, in addition to the use in strongly acidic fluids, allow the use also in working conditions at high temperatures. The heat exchange panels consist of tubular elements that are easy to clean, through pressurized water or chemical solutions, thus guaranteeing high performance over time. This peculiarity of the above mentioned heat exchangers allows the use in particularly dirty and / or polluted liquid and gaseous fluids.

The carpentry, the piping and the connecting elements are made of plastic marerial (PP, PE, PVDF, Teflon) and are “coupled” to the heating elements with welding systems (polyfusion, etc.).

The use of “precious” materials such as PVDF and Teflon PFA, the use of innovative equipment for processing and transformation of heating elements, the adoption of the most modern welding systems, combined with the adoption of the most modern equipment for the testing of the product guarantees the manufacture of products with high performance and a high level of quality and reliability.

Distributors / resellers for Italy of the German company CALORPLAST GmbH.