Wedges and bells


The wedges and bells treated by S & RIND srl are components that have excellent mechanical qualities, indicated as supports and / or electrical contacts for all galvanic systems (especially for those with barrel) even when the working conditions are “heavy”and demanding.

These components are divided into the following product “families”: wedges in brass or copper, wedges in PP and bells in brass or copper. The wedges in brass or copper, are made by using the metal casting technique with tailored steel shell molds. PP wedges are made by using the technique of molding plastic materials with highly resistant steel molds thatare made ad hoc. Brass or copper bells are made by using the metal casting technique, again, with ad hoc steel shell molds . The standard “sizes” of wedges (in brass, copper and PP) and bells are 500, 1000 and 2000. Other executions can be made according to the specific needs of the customer.

The use of “precious” metal alloys such as copper and brass, the use of high-strength steel molds, the adoption of innovative machines, equipment and systems for metal fusion technology combined with the use of most modern equipment for product testing, guarantees the manufacture of high-performance products with a high level of quality and r

In addition to the standardized models, all models of wedges and bells in brass or copper as well as the “V” supports also in metallic material, can be performed according to the technical specifications required by the customer.