DRUSEIDT series electrical contacts


Electroplating baths with high current density commonly consume a lot of energy. Ensuring a high quality standard of the coating, energy savings and an increase in plant availability, shortening cycle times and increasing productivity and reducing costs are all essential requirements to be evaluated when talking about a modern galvanic plant or anodizing. An essential prerequisite for an optimal process implementation is that the power required for the process can be transferred as “loss-free” as possible. This makes the contacts mounted on the tubs particularly important.

The German company Druseidt Elektrotechnik GmbH has been developing and manufacturing contact systems and power transmission components for anodizing and electroplating plants for decades and is familiar with practical problems for this is able to offer different types of contact systems that hold account of the various achievements and concepts on the market.

The systems offered are the following:

  • spring activated contact systems : it is standard for current up to about 14.000A
  • contacts with pneumatic actuation : optional with button or panel contact
  • contacts with hydro-pneumatic actuation: innovative system conceived by Druseidt for current from 3000A up to 20.000A and more. There are no alternatives on the market capable of working with such high contact forces.

Druseidt manufacturing techniques allow the creation of ad hoc solutions, parts and components in concert with specific and particular needs. Decades of experience and knowledge in building tailor-made solutions for customers or plants in the high current field offer the user the opportunity to create optimal and inexpensive components up to complete parts of a system.

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