Metallic heat exchangers


Metallic heat exchangers are components that have a high thermal conductivity index and are suitable for heating and / or cooling gaseous fluids. These exchangers can be made with lamellar surface or with finned tubes. The exchangers with lamellar surface are composed of the aluminum lamellar packs “threaded” in the heating elements (smooth tubes) in suitably connected copper, while, the finned tube exchangers are composed of heating elements (smooth tubes) in steel (carbon or stainless ) bedside and properly connected. For both the aforementioned solutions, suitable carpentries are provided. The products are executed in relation to the specific technical requirements of the systems in which they must be inserted. Heat exchangers can be made in the following materials:

  • smooth copper pipes with aluminum slats,
  • smooth stainless steel tubes with aluminum slats,
  • smooth carbon steel tubes with galvanized steel fins,
  • smooth AISI 321 stainless steel tubes with AISI 304 stainless steel fins.

The carpentry and the connecting elements are made of metal marerial (copper, carbon steel or stainless steel) and are “coupled” to the heating elements with welding systems (braze welding or tig) or caulking.

The use of “valuable” materials, the use of innovative equipment for processing and transforming heating elements, the adoption of the most modern welding and caulking systems, combined with the adoption of the most modern equipment for testing the product, guarantees the manufacture of products with high performance and a high level of quality and reliability.