Electric cables by DRUSEIDT


Constant and continuous development in the area of ​ the control unit and power distribution are, among other things, connected to the fact that even the highest power and current levels must be transferred safely even in the smallest spaces. To prevent overheating problems or to make feasible connections and installations, to be extremely flexible components, ad hoc for each individual application, it is necessary that they can transmit electricity safely and permanently without problems.

The German company Druseidt Electro-Technology GmbH is specialized in the production of high current flexible connectors. Starting from the smallest dedicated cable up to the high current connections of 6000mm² or more, we are able to offer both standard and ad hoc solutions.

The following product groups are manufactured in Germany and can normally be supplied in a short time:

  • Highly flexible insulated and non-insulated braided cables, coiled or spooled lines and cables.
  • Connections at the base and on the ground.
  • Flexible connectors used in welding guns or welding machines.
  • Water-cooled high-current cables.
  • Flexible connections made from copper or aluminum strips.
  • Bus bars and bus bar components.
  • Supply pipe systems.
  • Copper and aluminum bars both perforated and bent.
  • Welds made of non-ferrous metals.
  • Turning and milling parts from non-ferrous metals.

The Druseidt manufacturing techniques allow the creation of ad hoc solutions, parts and components in concert with specific and particular needs. Decades of experience and knowledge in building customized solutions for customers or plants in the high current range offer the user the opportunity to create optimal and inexpensive components up to complete parts of a system.

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