Metal recovery units HENDOR series

Metal recovery units HENDOR series ☟



The HENDOR series metal recuperators handled by the company S & amp; RIND S.r.l. they are components that have excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance qualities, indicated for the recovery of metals from some chemical solutions present in the tanks of certain galvanic and industrial washing plants, even when the working conditions are “severe”. The HENDOR series metal recuperators are completely hermetic and are a high speed, high efficiency system for electrolytically electroplating metals (ions) on wire mesh spools. These recuperators consist of the metal recovery elements (anodes, cathodes in wire mesh reels), the magnetic drive pumps with three-phase motor, the current generation elements (current rectifiers and control panels) and the connection elements ( fittings and unions). The anodes can be in platinized titanium or in a mix of ruthenium oxides; the cathodes can be in stainless steel or copper; the magnetic drive pumps and the structures are in PP. The metal recovery elements, the magnetic drive pumps, the current generation elements and the connection elements are assembled and connected to each other, while the cathode containment bodies in spools are “coupled” to the structures of the metal recoverers . The “couplings” between the cathode containment bodies and the metal recovery structures are obtained by welding systems of plastic materials (polyfusion, etc.), while the assemblies and connections are obtained thanks to the use of machines, equipment and systems automatic and manual

The use of “precious” metal alloys such as copper, stainless steel, platinized titanium and ruthenium oxides, the use of current rectifiers and control panels approved by a leading international brand, the adoption of machines , innovative equipment and systems for the assembly and welding of parts combined with the use of the most modern equipment for testing the product, guarantees the manufacture of products with high performance and a high level of quality and reliability.

All types of metal recuperators are standardized products.

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