Metal baskets


The baskets sold by S & RIND srl are components that have excellent mechanical qualities and dimensional accuracy, suitable for all galvanic plants, even when the working conditions are “heavy”. These baskets consist of a metal sheets and wire meshes. The metal sheets and wire meshes are made according to a drawing and can be in carbon steel, stainless steel or titanium. The sheets are “coupled” to the metal meshes. The design executions of the metal sheets and wire meshes are obtained with laser or water cutting systems, while the “couplings” are obtained with tig or mig welding techniques. The cutting systems and welding techniques are obtained thanks to the use of specific machines, equipment and systems.

The use of “precious” metal alloys such as stainless steel and titanium, the use of sheet metal and dimensionally precise metal meshes, the adoption of machines, equipment and innovative systems for cutting and welding parts (sheet metal and nets) combined with the use of the most modern equipment for the testing of the product, guarantees the manufacture of products with high performances and high level of quality and reliability.

All types of baskets can be supplied with the corresponding meraklon or PP bags.

All baskets and bags are made according to the technical specifications requested by the customer.